Refund Policy

The College Connect refund policy is that of a transfer nature (time constraints listed below). 
Michigan College Connect will permit the transfer of your payment, in part, to another Michigan College Connect event that may be used during the current camp schedule or during the following year of scheduled camps.

Below is a set of standards with regards to when cancellations take place and the amount of payment that may be transferred at your request:

  • 30 Days or More – Full Transfer to another event (No Refunds available)
  • Under 30 days – need to provide a doctor’s note/ or have a valid reason that can be proven 

In order to qualify for the transfer value, you must submit an email to Mark Sackett ( with

  • “Canceled Camp for NAME OF PLAYER at LOCATION OF EVENT” in the subject line no later than 7 days after the start of the clinic. 
  • No transfer value requests will be accepted after 7 days, no exceptions. 
  • You do not have to have your event scheduled for which your transfer value will be put towards but the request must be received within the 7 day time frame. 

If an event is cancelled prior to the start of the event, players will receive a full refund or full transfer to a future event

If an event is cancelled after already starting due to weather, players will receive a full transfer minus $30.

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