You are on stage! Consider yourself going to a big game with lots of people watching. You MUST look like a ballplayer. Pack your stuff the night before and be ready to play indoors and outdoors as the weather changes quite frequently. Make sure your clothes are clean, you have a hat, and your outfit matches. We want you to look good on camera.
Based on your first performance, it may be necessary to sign up for a second and even a third event. At your first event, we will encourage you to “get your numbers.” Ask us what those numbers mean and why they apply to baseball. Spend the next three to five months working on improving those numbers and come back and join us for another event. The better the numbers the better player you will become.
At our College Coaches Camps, YES! You will have college coaches in attendance. At our other events, typically you will not see college coaches. They receive the videos so they don’t have to be there. However it is very common for the coaches of the schools where the events take place to be there making sure things go smooth and getting a live look at players.
Based on our time and number of participants at the event, ask one of our instructors if you can redo your test. Most likely we will allow this to happen. We want you to get your best possible numbers. If your results were not what you wanted, we can recommend a professional instructor nearby to assist you in improving your scores.
Let us know! There are two things you can do here. First, learn from your video. Have your high school coach or private instructor help you with doing the technical things better on video. Work on these techniques and come back and see us. OR talk with one of our scouting directors. We have a program that will develop you to make you look good on film and improve you overall as a player and get you some looks.
This is a tough question. There are not many players who play multiple positions in college. Specialization is really the norm now but at the same time, you may enter a college as a middle infielder and based on your growth and performance, they may move you to the outfield or even to the pitching mound. You should only sign up for multiple positions if you feel you are real strong at two or more positions.
College Connect will do a series of tests on you that help determine your overall baseball skills. Based on these results, College Connect will recommend specialty trainers or assist you with specialty training that will help you improve in those areas. After an event, College Connect will put you on the recruiting list of many colleges in the Midwest and beyond if you choose by the use of sending out your videos and your statistics. We will provide you with a video link that you can post on your profile as well as mail to any coaches of your choice – but be careful, make sure you send your video to a school that’s a good fit for you and you must include a personal letter to grab that coaches attention. Finally, College Connect can build your own personal recruiting website. This can be an awesome marketing tool for you.
One area that you will be tested is your bat speed. Typically metal bats have been shown to give a better reading. For video taping purposes, using wood will show college coaches and scouts that you’re a higher level hitter. Bring’em and swing’em both!

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