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Showcase camps put you right front and center with college recruiters and coaches. Not only does it give you a stage to showcase your skills, we also measure and record your information, so you can send it to coaches not in attendance. Our showcases are also a great way to make introductions to coaches staff and let them know you are interested in their program and are serious about your game.


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Interested in having your own profile and recruiting video made, but don’t want to wait for a camp. That’s ok! We do individual and small group sessions. Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch shortly. We travel to you and work around your schedule.


$300 (Plus any facility rental fees in necessary) – Includes player profile, full length recruiting video, flexibility of choosing your session.


*Cancellation fee incurred with cancelling less than 48 hours of session.


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There are several ways College Connect can help you in your recruiting journey. We host showcase camps that put you in front college coaches. We also do individual and group sessions where we measure and video record your baseball skills. We then take that information and build a player profile, edit video to make a short, compact, and professional recruiting video.

I’m ready to see what I’ve got!


Individual recording sessions are valuable to prospects, because they give the ability to showcase you abilities without the pressure of college coaches. They also provide you real feedback as to where exactly you stand. With college recruiting it is important that your first impression is a good one (it may be the only one you get). Another nice feature of this is that we work around your schedule. If you can’t make it to one of our upcoming camps, or want something sooner, we work with you to get your recruiting video done, fast and professionally.

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